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The Boss
The boss

Montana Timber Structures was established in 1989 as a family run log home company with a determination to surpass the quality standards set by existing log home companies. We felt that to accomplish this goal we had to develop quality precision machinery capable of closer tolerances and to adopt strict quality control procedures. We came up with a uniquely designed mill capable of producing logs up to 32' in length and 32" in diameter while maintaining a 1/16" tolerance! In addition to our advanced product, we made the commitment to treat all projects with the care they deserve - regardless of size. That means dealing with the customer one on one and not passing them around until they forget where they started.

is this the boss
Or is this the boss

When the customer orders a log package from us they work with the same people from beginning to end and the guys in the shop will know the project by name - not number. As a mid-sized company we manufacture 15 to 20 structures a year and our reputation in the field is not one of great size but that of supplying the best log packages available. The tight notch, the long log and the quality control make our packages stronger, easier to stack, and most of all - nicer to look at. Why does all this matter? Because the customer will end up with a vastly superior log package and the satisfied feeling of being treated right.

In addition to a great product, we can offer reasonable prices. The reason is simple - we lack the fancy showroom filled with high pressure sales people and we are without a top-end loaded down with managers.Based on our growth in the past few years, we know that we are on the way to becoming a "big" log home company. We look forward to that day, but for now we are content to keep the customer happy and supply them with the best log package available.