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state-of-the-art machinery

The Machinery

Our custom designed lathe is capable of turning logs 7 to 32 inches in diameter and up to 32 feet in length while maintaining a 1/16" tolerance! This is the reason we can supply homes that have few ~ if any ~ ugly butt joints. It is also because of this amazing piece of equipment that we can produce huge logs for spirals or commercial projects.

turning a large log

When it comes to notches our one of a kind notcher is without parallel. It is this fantastic notcher that can cut up to a 16" notch that is our real claim to fame. At the home shows we hear over and over that we have the tightest, cleanest notches at the show! With this equipment we can produce trusses that other log home companies can only dream about. But don't believe us ~ take a look for yourself. tight notches
The log profile we supply is a full round log with a swedish cope and saddle notched corners. We stay away from the gimmicks and feel that this tried and true building style has been around long enough to prove it's durability. We can also supply all our log homes, trusses and spirals with a handhewn finish for those who prefer a more rustic look.

handhewn finish logs
Handhewn Finish
Saddle notch with thru-bolt
Saddle Notch and Thru-Bolt

The logs in our packages come turned, coped, notched and the window and door widths precut. To really save time for you and the crew in the field we pre-drill for the thru-bolt system and will drill 1" holes from top to bottom for electrical chases if designated. We believe this is the best possible system for the reduction of settling and the overall structural integrity of log buildings. In fact, the thru-bolt system is frequently required in strict counties or areas of seismic activity. While we do offer the pre-drilling for no extra charge, we will accommodate those wanting to lag or spike their log package.

log stack sheet instructions

Every log package is accompanied by a "stack sheet" showing the exact location of each log and each of the logs are numbered to this sheet.

log siding for dormers and gable ends

For dormers and gable ends we can supply 1/2 log siding.