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Heavy Log Trusses

For Contractors

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With our custom designed notching equipment we can achieve 100% bearing surfaces at member connections. For accuracy and tight fit our uniquely designed machinery cannot be matched and you will not find trusses with tighter notches. Period. Connections on traditional log trusses, are generally excessively hollowed by chainsaw and chipper guns resulting in eventual settling...the last thing you want in a roof system. We offer full round log truss and timber trusses with internal or external hardware. We can supply Douglas Fir, Englemann Spruce or Lodgepole Pine with a smooth or handhewn finish. Our equipment can manufacture trusses 7" to 24" in diameter and spans up to 60' are possible.




commercial log truss

Need accent logs?

Log and Timber Truss Works can serve your log needs in a timely and efficient manner - helping you serve your customers in the same way.

If size allows, we will ship the trusses fully assembled and ready to set.  You can well imagine the savings in having prefabricated log work delivered to your site.

If size does not allow for shipment of large log trusses and heavy timber trusses; we can ship truss members, prepared with engineered connection systems, for ease of assembly at your building site.

In addition to trusses we can supply logs or timbers for a complete roof system. Our machinery can produce logs up to 60" in diameter!!  Up to 32' in length!!

Next time you get plans that call for logwork give us a call and we can be your one stop source for log accent work.

commercial log building

Design & Engineering

LOG TRUSS WORKS Engineering has developed a superior fabrication system to ensure trusses and roof systems meet local regulatory design requirements as well as customer design requirements and satisfaction.
  • LOG TRUSS WORKS uses custom-built proprietary designed equipment, coupled with 16 years of operational experience to create large and complex truss systems. 
  • Send us your ideas, sketches, conceptual drawings or ready for production plans.  We can make your dream become a reality.  From a dream home truss system to a complex commercial log or timber roof system; no job is too small or too large.
  • If pre-engineering is required, our engineering, using Finite Element Analysis and IBC 2003 and NDS guidelines, can meet design requirements, per local building code, throughout the U.S. (licensed in all 50 states).
  • Construction of trusses or complete roof systems begins with the right selection of wood for both, customer requirements and structural requirements according to TPI guidelines.  LOG TRUSS WORKS is a certified member of TPI.
  • LOG TRUSS WORKS processing of truss members and interface connections between members is a step above state-of-the-art notching.  LOG TRUSS WORKS utilized custom-built proprietary designed equipment.  Precision cuts and notching result in 100% bearing surface at connection interface.  No settling and split out at connection interface.
  • LOG TRUSS WORKS Engineering has developed connection systems to include a variety of hardware for both internal or external application.  The finished product meets structural requirements, even for the most severe snow load conditions, as well as customer satisfaction.
  • LOG TRUSS WORKS can provide assembled trusses or where truss size does not allow shipping, we can ship truss members with prepared connection ends for easy assembly.
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design sketch log truss
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tight fitting log notch
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exploded view of log truss
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zero tolerance notch

This is what we call a zero tolerance notch

small accent log truss

We can make small accent trusses to set in gable ends

strong log truss joinery

Our interior joinery allows strength without distracting from the natural beauty of the logs.

large log trusses

No order is too small or too large, we can supply log home
companies and contractors with the finest trusses made.

We can supply contractors with all the right stuff.
Log trusses, purlins, joists and posts - everything you need for a complete log roof system.

contractor package


Trusses so attractive you hate to cover them!

When precision trusses are needed, log home companies
turn to Log Truss Works. On time and sure to please.

From simple pavilions to heavy snow loads,
Log Truss Works can help you design the truss for the job.

What is it worth to you for us to ship trusses fully
assembled and all you have to do is crane them into place?


Heavy timber trusses with exposed plate steel.
Log Truss Works also supplies square timber trusses in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Cleveland Steel shear plates. Does your truss supplier give you this option.