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One of the fun things we do here at Montana Timber Structures is attend the various log home shows that are put on during the year. They are a lot of work and very expensive but we believe they are well worth it. In the past we have been to many of the western states and soon we hope to be doing some shows in the east. We enjoy the shows immensely and look forward to meeting customers one on one and getting to know the folks we will be working with for months to come. One overlooked aspect of the shows is that they are also a great way to see our past customers. Once a log home lover, always a log home lover. We can always count on folks stopping by to say hi and show us pictures of the homes they are so proud of. Trouble is - they never have copies for us.

Loaded truck and trailer
Loaded and ready to go - small load
Display Cabin at Home Show
Denver - Spring of 2000
Billings Home Show
Billings 1998
Denver Log Display
Denver - Fall of 2001
Seattle Log Home Display
Seattle - 1994
Sacrament 1994
One of the first booths
Sacramento - 1994