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Log Cabin Kits

*The Wolverine Log Cabin Floor Plan

At 16' x 18' with a 1/2 loft, the Wolverine log cabin kit is our smallest and most affordable log kit. Starting at $13,000 this little log cabin fits anywhere as a guest cabin or remote hideaway. This log cabin is also the perfect size for campground rental units. We can add corner sweeps if desired and window and door locations can be moved to suit your needs.

*The Timberwolf Log Cabin Floor Plan

At 20' x 24' with a 1/2 loft, the Timberwolf log cabin is ideal for the small family seeking a place to escape the hustle-bustle of city life. The lower level is divided in two by pilaster walls and the loft has extended log joists for a walkout balcony. Starting at $15,900 for the 7" log cabin kit, the Timberwolf log kit can also be supplied in 8" to 12" logs.

*The Grizzly Log Floor Plan

At 24' x 34' the Grizzly log cabin kit has plenty of room for family and friends.   It is divided into thirds by pilaster walls and has log floor joists supporting the loft area.  Approximately two-thirds of the cabin floor plan has loft above so the options are many.  The cabin floorplan can also be adjusted to accommodate an extra bedroom or the pilaster wall locations can be adjusted to make more room.  Over the years we have produced many of the Grizzly log cabins in modified forms. The 7" log kit starts at $19,800.