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What is included in a log home package ? We are a mill direct source for the logs. We concentrate on logs. The package can include all the exterior wall logs, interior wall logs, log loft floor joists, roof purlins and purlin supports. We can supply just exterior wall logs if you want. The logs will be turned, coped, notched and predrilled for the thru-bolt hardware. Additionally, we can drill a 1" electrical chase vertically in the log if designated in advance. We can also supply deck posts and beams and any other logs needed that are 7" in diameter or larger. We can also supply thru-bolt hardware to stack the log package and the foam to use between the logs if desired. We can supply log railing if you wish.

Do you stack the logs ? No. However, in certain areas we know people that will and we have dealers that will stack homes within a certain distance of their locations. Give us a call to find out if anyone is in your area. We also offer on-site support for you or your contractor if desired.

How much is shipping ? Structures under 1500 square feet can usually fit on one truck and two trucks are typically needed for homes up to 3200 square feet. The rate per mile varies with destination and fuel prices from Corvallis, MT to your destination.

Can I get plans ? We can have preliminary and/or full construction plans drawn for a very reasonable rate. Our designer is capable of supplying you with 3-D drawings and realistic views of your home that are an invaluable tool in making your decisions.

How much lead time is needed ? We are typically booked solid two to three months in advance but during the spring and summer it can be even longer. Frequently we have room between the larger projects or we get a delivery delay so we can fit it in but to be safe give us a call.

Log Cabin Anatomy

I all ready have plans, where do I go from here ? Already have plans but the log package prices you are getting are outrageous? Perhaps you do not like the idea of staring at 15 butt joints in your living room while you entertain your friends? Send us your plans and we can get you an estimate for a quality log package that is affordable. When seeking estimates keep in mind that the more accurate the information given, the more accurate the estimate. Some of the information needed would be:

If you are not sure about the above give us a call and we can go over the pros and cons of each item and help you decide what might be best for your project