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Custom Log Home Packages

Custom Log Home in snow

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Custom Log Home with porchlog home packagelog accents and deck

The majority of log packages we supply are custom designed. This is easy to understand when you consider the nature of a log home and the personality of the log home owner. Most log home owners seek relief from the ordinary run of the mill in their life so they seek homes as unique as the places they are to be built. That does not change when it comes to design. Imagine taking the best ideas you have seen and turning them into your dream house. In a world of millions you have one.

We look forward to new designs and enjoy the fact that we rarely do the same house twice. This is what we do best. Given sketches, pictures and dimensions, our designer can help you achieve this dream and not for an outrageous price that is based on percentages. The going rate for custom designed plans is $1.40 per square foot. For this price you receive floor-plans, site-plans, elevations and details. For an additional charge you can have 3-D renderings to help visualize your future home.

How much more does it cost to purchase a custom log package? Zero. We base our price not on uniqueness of design or the amount of corners but on the total amount of logs needed. Because people are used to paying for unique and one of a kind items, many companies feel obligated to charge more. Not so at Montana Timber Structures. Give us a call and let us know what you have on your mind and we will help you put it on your land.

log home by river

Download and explore this 3-D model from one of our projects.
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