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You may have walked right on by our logs and not even known it. We supply logs to commercial construction companies that know the value of a precision cut. From restaurants to retail stores our logs enhance desired themes and offer options to designers seeking a more rustic look. The more we can do here with our precision equipment the less time you will have to spend on labor. The value of this is even more pronounced if you lack a skilled log crew or build in an area with high labor costs.

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Log Entry to Target - Silverthorne, CO
Silverthorne, Colorado.

Log Sign Structure

Capable of turning logs up to 32" in diameter and up to 32' in length we can also precision notch up to 16" diameter logs. Add a handhewn finish to the logs and you can have the rustic look you want without the headaches of high labor.

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Need log trusses? If it can fit on a truck we can ship it fully assembled. Interior hardware or big metal exterior plates with shear plates, we can build for the look you want Check out our truss page.

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